Snaffle a summer of cricket with Snaffle and SEN

Snaffle grabs cricket partnership with both hands

Snaffle has teamed up with SEN to offer cricket fans a Snaffle summer. As the 21-22 cricket season gets into full swing, with the Big Bash and Ashes starting with days of each other, SEN’s coverage will have a distinct Snaffle theme.

Every catch taken by the England and Australian teams, in addition to the Big Bash franchises, will be snaffled. To back up the integrated Snaffle campaign SEN will be looking back on some classic Snaffles from cricketing history, including catches from Steve Smith and Nathan Lyon.

Snaffle CMO, Paul Winslow, was excited to get the season underway. “Snaffle is all about grabbing what you want with both hands, so aligning it with catches in cricket makes a lot of sense. We love the flexibility of our brand name and we’re looking forward to hearing it a lot through what should be an amazing summer of cricket.”

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