Aspire42 secures a $20m extension to its loan facility

Australian conglomerate Aspire42 has secured a further $20m in funding from a syndicate of lenders, including cornerstone lender Realside Capital and Roadnight Capital.  

Aspire42 will utilise the funds to continue the growth of core consumer brands, WalletPay and Snaffle.

Consumer Finance has always been an integral part of the Aspire42 offering, premised on the belief that everyone is entitled to fair and transparent funding options. 

Aspire42 Group CFO, David Ingham, said:  “We appreciate the support and trust provided by our funders, particularly Realside and Roadnight.  Together we have demonstrated that the Aspire42 credit model is one that resonates with consumers and merchants alike.  We look forward to our next phase of growth as we become a significant corporation that creates new jobs and wealth for Australia.”

Investment Director of Realside Capital, Matt Nesbitt, said “We are happy to continue our support of Aspire42.  We have a long history with the team and the facility extension is a testament to the trust and relationship we have built with them and their core shareholders.”

Richard Davies, CEO of Roadnight Capital said “One of the most satisfying parts of our job is to watch and be part of the growth journey of businesses across Australia.  We are confident that Aspire42 will provide a valuable contribution and we look forward to being part of that corporate journey.”

About Aspire42: Aspire42 is a diversified business with highly complementary offering and brand portfolio across consumer lending, e-commerce, and trades & services marketplace. These include innovative finance solutions for consumers and small businesses in the form of WalletPay and MyMates Finance.

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