Aspire42 announces new corporate HQ

Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment, Cameron Dick, announced Aspire42’s imminent establishment of a new HQ in the state to parliament on Thursday 1 September.

Mr Dick said Aspire42’s establishment of their corporate headquarters in Queensland will allow the company to take their business to new heights. 

“Aspire42’s current range of businesses include online consumer finance brand Snaffle, home services provider Local Expert, small business lending, and health and wellness company Madison Health,” Mr Dick said.  

“Establishing their headquarters in Queensland and using innovative technology will allow Aspire42 to further expand and diversify their business. 

“With the backing of our $520 million Investment in Queensland program, Aspire42 has committed to a strategic move to the Gold Coast to support their growth. 

“Over the next five years, Aspire42’s operations on the Gold Coast will deliver 280 new, full-time jobs. 

“These include their executive and finance teams, marketing, a centralised administration team, and procurement, fulfilment and information technology development and technology innovation. 

“This is a great example of the value of our investment attraction programs are delivering for Queensland, as they unlock greater private sector investment into job-creating projects in the Sunshine State.”  

Aspire42 CEO Wayne Richardson said the company’s move to Queensland will underpin their drive to be one of Australia’s leading diversified corporations. 

“We believe the Gold Coast is a great place to live, work and play so establishing our corporate headquarters here is the right move for us to capitalize on a range of domestic and international opportunities,” Mr Richardson said.

“Aspire42 invests in and develop businesses with a focus on providing real things to real people, and we’ll continue to develop new brands and new business models, innovating wherever we see opportunities that will create value.

“The support of the Queensland Government’s Invested in Queensland program will enable us to create a strong foundation for Aspire42’s future corporate and commercial growth.”

Mr Dick said Aspire42 was one of many companies backed by the Queensland Government making the move to and pursuing significant expansions on the Gold Coast.

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